plastic tube, base wad and metal base



Special Characteristics of VICTORY Cartridges.

Our factory is located at Ergates Industrial Estate, on the outskirts of Nicosia. Our production is unique due to the fact that despite our medium size, we produce the plastic tube, base wad and metal base that we assemble into empty cases. We also produce at our plant the wads for most of our production. We purchase primers, powder and shot of the highest  quality to ensure an overall top quality production.

Plastic Tube:

We extrude the plastic tube from polyethylene granules using our own formula, unique in the world. The tube we produce is thicker and more robust than the standard tube used by  almost all other manufacturers. The thicker tube enhances the ballistic performance of the cartridge giving improved velocity with relatively low pressure.


Plastic Wads:

We use wads that have thicker “petals” that open after the exit from the muzzle at a reduced rate thus giving a more even denser pattern at longer distances.


Metal Base:

Produced from a brass-plated steel strip which is processed to a perfect corrosive resistant metal base.


Victory Cartridges - 2012